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This page will give you some ideas on what anime that we like, or don't like.


A.D. Police(episodes  1-12) - I like this TV show. I think it's cool. it has a good storyline and a lot of action. -


AniMatrix (all episodes)

I liked this, I am a matrix fan and I thought they did a cool job with it. -


Burn Up Excess (episodes 1-4)

I think this TV show is funny and good. -


Cowboy Bebop (episodes 1-26)

Well this is my third favorite anime, I love it. IT'S really good, I recommend this anime to everyone! -


Colorful (episodes 1-4)

Well this show is funny but very perverted. It's about kids trying to peak at girls breasts and panties.


Cowboy Bebop (The Movie)

This was also really good, but you should see it after the 22nd episode of Cowboy Bebop, it makes it more fun.


Dragon Half (episodes 1-2)

Very odd, But I liked it.


Full Metal Panic (episodes 1-12)

This is my fourth favorite anime, it is funny and very wierd, but it's cool.



Gasaraki (episodes 1-26)



Golden Boy (1 +2)

Wow this tv show is very funny but I think it is very good. Although it's a little perverted it's still very funny.


GTO-Great Teacher Onizuka (episodes 1-39)

MY FAVORITE ANIME. #1! If you like anime, go and buy the first dvd!



JIN ROH (Movie)

I liked the story, I think it's a cool idea, It's more Serious than a lot of anime.



Love Hina (episodes 1-25)

This is my second favorite anime, it's really good and very funny, you should see it.


Real Bout High School (episodes 1-4)

This show is wierd and fun, you may like it you may not.


Spriggan (Movie)

I liked this anime a lot. If you like a action/scifi movie, get this one! 


Trigun (episodes 1-26)

This is also my second favorite anime. Very funny and Serious, and Spontanius! A fun anime. 


                              MORE TO COME!